Cost Of Bariatric Surgery In Tijuana, Mexico

Weight loss can be troubling. It is difficult to achieve meaningful results and the time it takes to drop weight can be extensive.

For those who are considering a faster option, bariatric surgery might be the best option on offer. Where should you be looking to go for this surgery? Which location has the best surgeons and prices? You will need to head on over to Tijuana because this is the location made for those who want this surgery to be completed efficiently.

Here is more on the process and how much it will cost in the area.

What is bariatric surgery?

Let’s start by understanding what this surgery is all about. Many individuals want to see results when it comes to weight loss but are still coming around on the idea of getting a surgery done. Here is the information you will need to know about this procedure and how it is carried out.

Bariatric surgery involves the use of a “gastric band” which is wound together to tighten or reduce the stomach. It is going to lessen the size of your stomach in one surgical procedure. The band remains in place and holds it together as required. This immediately slims down the waist.

To make it all work, the process involves a re-routing procedure for the digestive system to make sure it is functional and able to handle the needs of the body.

Results of bariatric surgery

So, let’s say the goal is to lose weight and this is the option you choose to go with. How good are the results going to be? Will you be able to lose weight in the manner that is expected or are you going to struggle to lose as much as you want?

Research has been conducted on the subject, and the findings have been remarkable. Most individuals can shed at least 25% of their fat over the span of 5-10 years. This is an incredible number and can change the look of one’s body forever.

There are even reports of those who lost even more weight and it enabled them to look the way they wish to.

These results have started to highlight the beauty of bariatric surgery and what it can do for those who are heading over to Tijuana. It has the potential to be a gamechanger for those who decide this is for them.

Costs of bariatric surgery

It is fun to look at the possibilities of this surgical procedure, but you have to assess the costs that are at play. When you are not able to get a read on the expenses, you will never be able to decide what is the best route for you to take. The costs according to experts comes out to be around $6000-7000.

This is an easier number to digest than some of the other locations around the world that might charge double the price.

The quality is going to remain the same at this price point for those who are wondering.

ProcedureDr. GarcíaDr. Vazquez
Gastric Sleeve$4,250$4050
Gastric Bypass$5,999$6,199
Single Incision Sleeve$5,300N/A
Gastric Sleeve Plication$4,300$4,099
Mini Gastric Bypass$5,750$5,950
Duodenal Switch$7,350N/A
Upper GI Scan$69$59
LAP-BAND Adjustments$99$99
Revision Surgery$499 - $999$499 - $999


What are the real advantages of this surgery and what it can do for you? There are multiple benefits, and one has already been highlighted. You are going to lose all of the excess weight that is troubling you, and it is going to help you look good in the short and long-term.

You are also going to lose weight as fast as you want. This is going to save a lot of time in the end. Do you want to lose all of this weight through other means and hope for the best? It is just not worth it for most people to wait around for such an extended period.

The last benefit is the reality of knowing you are getting a professional solution that is going to work for a long time to come. You are getting a proven option for losing weight, and it is going to feel great.

Side Effects

What are some of the side effects with this procedure? It is a safe option and one that has been around for a while. So, you are not plunging into a problematic surgery that is going to cause more issues than good. It is beneficial and has the power to create change that you have been going for.

The few side effects that have been found will be listed here.

The side effects can include things such as bloating, diarrhea, and a decrease in bone mass. These are not issues that are going to be seen all the time, but they should be noted down. All procedures are going to have side effects or at least the chances of those side effects becoming an issue, but these are rare at best.

You will not have to fret about this for too long at all.


You also have to weigh in the fact customization is a must in this day and age. You have to look at the customization that is going to take place for your surgery and weigh that into your costs. If you are not getting a customized option, you have not gone to the right surgeon.

The best Tijuana surgeons are going to make sure you are having a customized procedure that has been put together have assessing your case and what is required.

This is going to change your life forever the way you want it to, and that is key.

These are the details that are going to enable you to make a decision as required. Going to Tijuana is one of the best decisions you are going to make when it comes to getting this surgery completed on your body. It is going to change your life forever, and it is going to feel great.

It is time to make a decision that is going to make you happier and healthier all in one shot. What more does a person want and at such a great price point as well? Tijuana is the right place for you and your budget.

Flexible Financing Options for a Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Many people who suffer from complications due to weight can benefit from bariatric surgery; however, the procedure can be costly. This is where medical tourism can greatly help patients, who cannot afford the cost of such a beneficial surgery. When searching for Financing Options for a Bariatric Surgery in Mexico, it is important to remember that certain finance solutions are only available for residents in certain countries, for example, only residents of the United States or Canada – but please be assured that there are many finance options available for a wide range of flexibility.

How do you know if financing is right for you?

Typically, patients who have been turned down by insurance companies for surgeries pertaining to weight loss, often turn to financing options in order to pay for the procedure themselves.

Have you already participated in a lower cost bariatric surgery in Mexico?
Do you have little to no insurance and need to find a lower cost way to give yourself a higher and better quality of life than you are living with currently?
If you answered, “YES” to any of the above questions you should contact some of financing centers below in order to discuss your options with knowledgeable staff.

eMedical Financing Solutions

At eMedical Financing Solutions, there are several options for financing depending on your credit level. There are also simple interest loans and line of credit programs available.
• Interest rates start at 9.9%
• For qualified applicants, they offer both six sand twelve month 0% interest terms
• Repayment terms range from twelve to eighty-four months
• For the credit card program, you can earn 1% cash back on purchases during the first year.
• Proof of income maybe required during the application process.
• Both family and non-family co-signers are accepted.

Citerra Finance

Offering help in finding load programs for bariatric patients, Citerra Finance works with a network of dedicated lenders and professionals. With their experience, Citerra Finance will work to find you the lowest rates and best coverage available. With all the flexibility that comes with a repayment plan, Citerra Finance works to find a program and lender than best fits each patient’s unique financial circumstances.

Medicard® and iFinance Canada®

Medicard® and iFinance Canada® is a strong alternative to dispatching checks, (cheques), for your procedure. They offer convenient monthly payments in order to help you get your treatment done without all the worry of upfront financial payments. With Medicard and iFinance you get the ease of mind with:
• High approval ratings
• Competitive interest rates
• No early payment penalties or fees
• No down payments
• No collateral
• Payment terms in 6 months, or 1-6 years.
• Medicard will pay your doctor or service institution provider directly; there is no intermediary person.

United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit, not only helps patients secure financing for bariatric procedures but other healthcare related procedures as well. While there are no minimum requirements for being approved through United Medical Credit, every application approval is dependent on factors such as:
• Income
• Credit history and profile
• Outstanding debt balances
• Co-signers are accepted and encouraged if your credit history is below average.

Do not delay your bariatric surgery any longer because with these Financing Options for a Bariatric Surgery in Mexico there is no reason to forfeit a healthy life for a lack of monetary funds. All options discussed above are professional, reliable, and offer many benefits for financing with them. Starting with low interest rates and flexible loan term repayment plans some ranging from as low as six months to as long as six years.

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